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Three Creeks Brewing was founded in 2008 by Chris Oslin and Scott Lesmeister in Sisters, a town in Central Oregon.


The brewery is situated in the small town of Sisters, offering a unique and local experience in the Central Oregon area.

Brewery and Pub:

Three Creeks Brewing operates a brewery and pub where visitors can enjoy a variety of craft beers along with a menu of pub-style food.
The pub often features a welcoming and casual atmosphere.

Beer Offerings:

Three Creeks Brewing is known for producing a diverse range of craft beers, including a mix of traditional styles and innovative brews.
Some of their popular beers include Hoodoo Voodoo IPA, FivePine Chocolate Porter, and Knotty Blonde Ale.


The brewery distributes its beers to various locations in the Pacific Northwest, making them available in bars, restaurants, and retail outlets.

Community Involvement:

Like many craft breweries, Three Creeks Brewing may be involved in community events and support local initiatives in Sisters and the surrounding area.

Outdoor Seating:

Some reports suggest that Three Creeks Brewing may have outdoor seating areas, allowing patrons to enjoy their beers in an outdoor setting.

Seasonal and Limited Releases:

Craft breweries often introduce seasonal and limited edition releases. Three Creeks Brewing may have special releases throughout the year.

Live Music and Events:

The brewery may host live music events and other gatherings, contributing to the local entertainment scene.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere:

Three Creeks Brewing establishments are generally known for being family-friendly, creating a welcoming environment for visitors of all ages.

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